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The Wedding of Sharron Seibert & Yasha Siddiqi

Siddiqi Wedding - Wedding Photos taken by Dave Zerbe Photography

Love and happiness combined should never be taken for granted. It is human nature for most people to find love, but not always to find both happiness and love together. For Yasha Siddiqi and Sharron Seibert, they were able to find that combination with one another. While speaking with the lovely couple individually, it was nothing but smiles and joy while talking about the other. To them, this day was about finally marrying the person who brought that love and happiness feeling together.


We began our day at the DoubleTree in Reading, where both Sharron and Yasha were getting ready with their respective families and bridal parties. They were both very excited to get the day under way. Sharron’s dress was a beautiful lace gown that she decided to keep bustled throughout the day while Yasha looked extremely handsome in his tuxedo and bowtie.

With wedding ring photography, it’s all about capturing the jewelry in a place or setting that means something to the bride and groom. Yasha told our photographer, Kaylie, that he plays chess regularly with Sharron’s son which led us to photograph the rings in this location.

Sharron and Yasha decided to do a first look which was done within the DoubleTree. We are firm believers in doing a first look as it takes tons of pressure off the bride and groom and gives us the opportunity to do more photography with them before their ceremony. A first look is also always a beautiful intimate moment between the couple.

For our formal photographs, we moved over to the Reading Museum. Little did we know that the move outside would bring us quite the challenge due to the weather being extremely warm and humid. Yasha, Sharron and their wedding party were wonderful through it all. A break was taken within 30 minutes into our initial shoot to let the group cool off. We finished up with a few more poses before heading over to the Goggleworks Center for the Arts for the ceremony.

While heading to the Goggleworks, the skies opened and a massive storm pushed into Reading. We were very lucky as we were finished with formal outdoor photographs though. As the ceremony was taking place, all could hear the distant sound of thunder and see flashes of lightning accompanying our constant camera flashes. The combination was dazzling and really brought another dimension to their ceremony, which was beautiful.


The first dance was simple yet elegant which was a true personification of their entire wedding day.

The entire rest of the reception flowed together so seemingly. The couple had all of their festivities happen within the first hour and half leaving the rest of the night for dancing and mingling. This is always a nice touch that always helps the bride and groom enjoy their reception a little more.

Love is timeless. It slows down time to a point where the world moves around you without you even noticing. This couple found happiness within their love for each other and it was proven throughout their wedding day. As photographers, our job was made super simple because of this making our day fun and exciting. It was a true honor to get to photograph with Sharron, Yasha, and their entire family. We thank them for their hospitality from start to finish and can’t wait to continue our stellar working relationship in the future.


  1. Sharron

    This is amazing! Thank you so much for all your hard work! I loved working with Wayne and Kaylie, they made us feel so comfortable and made the day that much more fun!

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