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Professional School Portraits

School Portrait Photography Redefined: Expect the Best for Your Child

Ever experienced the frustration of receiving your child’s school portrait, only to find it falls short of your expectations? You meticulously prepared them for the day, ensuring their hair was just right and their outfit impeccable. But the end result looks like they faced a wind tunnel or wrestled with their lunch? We understand the disappointment, especially when you’re paying for a “professional” service. At Zerbe Photography, we believe you should expect the best, and it’s absolutely okay to demand it.

As a parent myself, I’ve been in your shoes. Our commitment at Zerbe Photography is to ensure every child is captured at their absolute best. We take the time to talk with each child, ensuring their appearance aligns precisely with your expectations. This not only contributes to the quality of the school portraits but also helps your child feel at ease during the process.

Our Promise:

  1. High-Quality Standards: Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the prints you order. It begins the moment we capture the images, ensuring that every detail is perfected.
  2. A Fun Experience: We want your child to not only feel comfortable during their school portrait but to remember it as a fun and positive experience for years to come.
  3. Simple Ordering: Recognizing the prevalence of technology in our lives, we provide both an efficient online ordering platform and the traditional paper order form. This way, every family can choose the method that suits them best.
  4. In-Studio Make-up Sessions: If your child’s initial portrait doesn’t meet your expectations—whether it’s their smile, hair, or outfit—we offer a free* in-studio appointment with you present to ensure everything is captured exactly how you want it.
  5. Easy Access to Our Team: We understand the importance of addressing your concerns promptly. As a smaller, dedicated team, we deeply care about your experience. Reach out via email or phone, and expect a swift response during office hours or a timely one outside of them.

Current School Portrait Galleries:

Lorane Elementary School

Berks Christian School (inactive)

West-Mont Charter Academy (inactive)

Hogan Learning Academy (inactive)

Berks Gymnastics

Culture Shock Performing Arts Center (inactive)

Dance Pointe Dance Studio (inactive)

We have provide many student portraits in and around Lancaster PA, Exeter PA, Wyomissing PA, Philadelphia PA, Allentown PA, and the Greater Reading Area, with the school portraits they are looking for. Our photographers have the patience and the expertise to work with any student to get the photographs you are looking for.

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