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The Wedding of Sabrina Ramirez & Jorge Cerda

Before the wedding day, our team already assumed that Sabrina Ramirez and Jorge Cerda’s Stokesay Castle wedding would be a beautiful celebration of their relationship; and it certainly did not disappoint. Upon walking in that day, we instantly saw huge smiles on everyone’s faces along with fabulous decorations.

We first met with Sabrina, who was preparing for her day in the bridal suite. One of my favorite aspects about this room is its lighting. The bright, soft light made it simple to capture wonderful photojournalistic moments.

While Sabrina was very excited to see how everything was going to come together, she was even more excited for her first look with Jorge. Her hair and makeup didn’t take long; so before we knew it, she was getting ready to put on her stunning wedding dress.

As I was taking photos of Sabrina, my photojournalist Liz went to meet Jorge. The soon-to-be groom had all the confidence in the world and was ready to see his future wife.

We decided to do the first look under a tree close to the ceremony site. This moment between the couple was completely breathtaking, as Jorge shed tears of joy after witnessing Sabrina in her dress.

After the first look we did formal portraits around the grounds of Stokesay. One perk about being a preferred vendor at a venue like this is that you get a ton of opportunities to photograph that space. This always helps us know what works and what doesn’t in regard to backgrounds and landscapes.

We finished taking portraits relatively early, so Sabrina and Jorge had plenty of time to relax before their ceremony.

The site was wonderfully decorated and had a completely unique look that I’ve never seen before. As Sabrina’s son escorted her down the aisle, you could distinctly see how happy she was. Jorge shed more tears of joy as well. It was a truly wonderful moment to witness.

The ceremony was done completely in Spanish and was a beautiful sentiment to the couple’s heritage.

Sabrina and Jorge entered their reception and went straight into their first dance as husband and wife. The two looked like they were having such a great time dancing around the dance floor.

Our couple was then serenaded by their best man and maid of honor during toasts. It was was very easy to see how loved they were by their family and friends.

In the middle of the reception, Sabrina surprised Jorge by changing into a gorgeous black dress to dance. Jorge seemed to love every second.

To end the evening, Sabrina and Jorge did their bouquet and garter removal and toss which was a ton of fun. They then did their cake cutting which a nice little bow on their beautiful wedding day.

I was super thankful to be apart of Sabrina and Jorge’s wedding day. I am very excited to work more with them and their family again in the future.


Wayne Becker

Liz Huyett

Written By:

Wayne Becker

Edited By:

Lani Panico

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  1. I was the stylist .. this was amazing !! Pictures amazing and story as well !! How can I get the pic of me styling her hair !! That image is amazing !

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