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The Wedding of Angela Kelly & Segundo Zhingre

On the morning of the big day, we met with Segundo at St. Peter’s Cathedral. At first glance, you could already tell how excited he was to get started with photos and marry the love of his life. He also found his inner model and continued to look awesome and overjoyed throughout the day.

We then made our way to the couples’ home, which has some of the most beautiful masonry work we’ve ever seen. Segundo has done a lot of work to his home and his attention to detail and hard work has clearly paid off. As we were there, Angela was inside finishing preparations for her wedding day.

Then it was time to travel back to St. Peter’s for the ceremony — but this wasn’t your ordinary wedding. Angela was baptized, given first communion, confirmed, and married all within the span of 55 minutes. Even the priest noted that this was the first time he has seen four sacraments performed together. Being able to capture all the moments on camera was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

St. Peter’s Cathedral is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the area, which made it a necessity to capture some beautiful formal portraits of Angela and Segundo after the ceremony.

After we took the portraits, we were on our way to Bern Farm for their reception. We immediately took the opportunity to shoot some outdoor portraits before heading in. We walked around the grounds and found stunning backgrounds for our couple. The sun, however, was not as cooperative and patient as the bride and groom were that day.

We finished photographing details as the reception began in the barn. Upon walking in, we were in awe of how well Angela incorporated unique and contemporary decorative elements into such a rustic venue.

The bridal party entered the reception just before 4:30 p.m. Right away, you could tell that Segundo and Angela were ready to enjoy their night with their family and friends. Once they made it to their sweetheart table, Kelly’s father spoke to all the guests with a well prepared speech about the couples’ love and how it prospered. He also made it very clear how much of a hard worker Segundo was.

After dinner, Angela switched into a completely different wedding gown as a surprise to Segundo! This surprise led them right into their first dance which was a combination of multiple dances. Segundo even switched into some Ecuadorian traditional attire for one of the dances. We love culture and have traveled the world, but what we love more is when culture finds us!

Angela then danced with her father. They both had a wonderful time laughing throughout!

During the reception, the couple participated in a receiving line thanking all of their guests for attending.

The next part of the night included toasts from Angela and Segundo’s respective brothers.

The rest of the night included a very playful cake cutting and an awesome bouquet toss. The dance floor also opened up and was flooded by the couples’ wedding guests. We always enjoy receptions where everyone is dancing their heart out!

To finish the night, we took Angela and Segundo outside of the main barn for a nighttime photograph. The sun had just set in the distance leaving the sky a stunning mix of blue and orange. It was the perfect photo to end a wonderful day.


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Bonita Zerbe

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Lani Panico

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