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The Wedding of Kelsey Roberts & Josh Rosario

With fair weather, incredible couples, and a great flow, wedding season has started with a bang! Our team here at Dave Zerbe has continued to persevere through the busy season to ensure that each couple has their photos in a timely matter. We cannot express how magical it is when the couple enters our studio for their Post Wedding Consult to review their photos and to watch them share laughs, tears, and the “Oh my god, what was I doing!?” moments. Our next couple we are expecting to share this moment with in our studio are Josh Rosario and Kelsey Roberts who tied the knot on April 21st. Let’s take a sneak peek at their wedding day!

Our day began at the beautiful St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Fleetwood where the two would meet and share their “I do’s”. Both Josh and Kelsey shared a similar feeling of nerves which we would describe as having butterflies flutter around in their stomach. This is a feeling that most couples share but immediately lose when they meet at the altar. Josh and Kelsey were very fortunate to have such a supporting and fun wedding party to help ease those nerves a tiny bit!

As the ceremony began, Josh entered in behind the pastor with a huge smile on his face. He knew in just a few moments, he would finally be married to the love of his life.

Kelsey’s walk down the aisle was one to remember. She was so lost in the moment, never shedding a tear. She stayed calm and continued on her path to marry the man of her dreams. It was quite a beautiful experience to witness as someone on the outside.

Once announced as husband and wife, the happiness they shared with one another was contagious to all.

After their ceremony, the couple were greeted by their guests blowing bubbles outside of the church. We find this to be one of the BEST and fun church exits!

Directly following the ceremony, we started with our formal photos inside the church. St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church is quite a stunning venue for interior portraits.

We found a great local park near the venue to continue capturing more fun moments with Josh, Kelsey and their Wedding party.

Once we finished formals, we moved to the Lyon’s Fire Company where the reception was held. Both enjoyed a simple yet fun night with their friends and family. We enjoyed getting the opportunity to work with these two and can’t wait to work with them in the near future!

Photographed by:

Wayne Becker

Kaylie Vrabel

Written By:

Wayne Becker

Edited By: 

Alexis Jenofsky

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