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The Luckenbill & Rabenold Wedding

Rabenold Wedding - Wedding Photos taken by Dave Zerbe Photography

No wedding couple wants to wake up to rain on their wedding day. Months of planning leading to a rainy day is a worst nightmare scenario. However, that is what Kirstin Luckenbill and Adam Rabenold woke up to on their big day. Walking in to the mother of the bride’s house that morning though, and you would have never been able to tell it was raining. Kirstin had a huge smile on her face and she just wanted to see her future husband. Later, when seeing Adam for the first time, we saw another huge smile. No amount of rain would have removed the smiles from the faces of this couple. Their happiness from being with each other is a true sight to see. It was a beautiful day with a great couple.

We began early Saturday morning at the mother of the bride’s house. This gave us the opportunity to grab some dress, shoe, and ring photographs. The ring photograph above was photographed on the family piano. Kirstin played a beautiful ballad later in the morning next to her Maid of Honor and sister Courtney on this piano. She is a music teacher at Tulplehocken School District and graduated from Lebanon Valley College with a degree is music. Photographing details like this are important to us as the photographers. If something is important to the bride or groom in any way, we find a way to capture it.

Our early morning formal photographs turned out really nice. The rain, which had been falling on and off all morning, had subsided for just enough time that we could get Kirstin and her bridesmaids outside to capture some gorgeous color photographs. This photo right here is one of my favorite photos of the day.

The couple did not want to see each other until they were walking down the aisle. This traditional wedding practice leads to some wonderful photographs during the ceremony. What they decided to do was a corner hand hold moment though and it was an extremely emotional moment for them. The exact moment their hands met around that corner, their emotions began to run wild. This experience from these 5 minutes will last Kirstin and Adam a lifetime.

We were at St. Thomas Church in Bernville, PA. The church had a stunning sanctuary with an amphitheater style overlooking the proceedings. The ceremony itself went by in the blink of an eye. The smiles on the faces of Adam and Kirsten never escaped them throughout. The moment they were officially announced husband and wife, it was as if a sigh of relief had been let out by the couple. They were finally married.

The couple walked out from the church to all of their wedding guests blowing bubbles at them. Though bubbles can be hard to capture on camera, here we had a good amount in a wonderful photograph of the couple kissing.

We enjoy photographing funny poses with the wedding party. It’s always a fun moment that gets everyone laughing. This day was no different.

We were very short on time after arriving at our reception location. With only 30 minutes till introductions, we decided to capture some formal outdoor photographs with the wedding party. With little time to spare, we pulled the wedding couple into this gazebo and set up this gorgeous photograph. Adam and Kirstin still made their reception introduction time right on schedule.

Their reception was a lot of fun. Tons of people were dancing and having a great time. Kirstin and Adam were wonderful party hosts that talked to absolutely every one of their over 200 guests at least once. They still found time to have a few laughs with family and friends. It was a beautiful day as their love out-shined the dreary April Saturday. It was a true pleasure to photograph this couple’s day, and we look forward to working with them more in the future.

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