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40 Year Legacy Remembered

It was the summer of 1975, David had just returned from his six months of basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. He picked up a Canon F1 camera and fell in love. David had always loved taking photographs as a child, but his parents never really had the money to get the images developed. It was that day, in 1975, that he knew he was destined to be a photographer.

By the next year, David had come up with a name and a vision, and by 1977 he had booked 10 weddings. Through those 10 weddings he began to understand what was necessary to be a good photographer. It not only took the natural talent that God gave him, but it also took a passion for making time stand still while capturing the love and beauty of the wedding day.

For nine years, the business continued to grow not only in size but also experience. By 1985 the studio had six photographers and were booking over 200 weddings per year.  Things would get complicated though as the Army came calling and David would be deployed. In 1994 David deployed to Haiti to photograph for the Department of Defense which would release images of Operation Uphold Democracy to newspapers across the country. Throughout the next 12 years he would be deployed to Bosnia and Iraq, on and off, as a Public Affairs Specialist and photographer.  While deployed the studio was left to David’s wife Bonita and son Chad who continued to keep the business flourishing in David’s absence.

In 2008, he returned home from Iraq and was welcomed with opened arms. David slowly started integrating himself back into what he loved doing most; photographing weddings, families and children. He always looked forward to creating unique, beautiful photography for his clients. When David retired from the military, he retired with two Bronze Stars, an Emmy award for broadcast journalism, and numerous other awards.

Tragedy struck when unexpectedly David passed away Sunday, April 9, 2017. He was surrounded by his family. He leaves behind a legacy of a business and will be missed and forever in our hearts. From the beginning, David provided top notch photography services and we continue to keep that service and quality. Cherish your photographs as they act as a window back to those special moments for years to come.

As David would say, “Let’s get this show on the road!”