The Services We Offer

Your Experience Is What Matters Most.

Choosing the perfect photographer is very important, whether it’s for family portrait, wedding day photography or even professional publicity portrait, you want to ensure you make the right choice. When you choose Dave Zerbe Photography, you can take comfort in knowing you did! We offer a wide variety of photographic services that include senior, maternity, baby, wedding day and family portraiture. Besides offering high quality photographic services, we also offer photo restoration services, for those old family photographs as well as custom framing services.

You’ve made the right choice and choose Dave Zerbe Photography for any of your photographic needs!

Wedding Photography

Every Wedding Tells A Story.

Every wedding is different and unique. There is a rhythm to discover and follow. There are intense moments of love, beauty, and elegance, and little unexpected moments of emotion and joy. We are here to provide you with the wedding photography that can capture those moments forever.


Dave Zerbe Seniors

Be Fun! Be Unique!

Dave Zerbe Photography will help you show off your personality and what is unique only to you with our senior portraits!

There are hundreds of possibilities that we can use to help make your senior photography amazing.


Family Photography

Interesting and Creative Family Portraits

Family is the heart of the home, so capturing even small events is priceless.

We understand how chaotic life can be, so we are here to help you create a visual memory of your family before you regret missing the chance!


Babies & Children

Capture the Innocence of Youth

At Dave Zerbe Photography our experienced professionals take the time to enjoy your children, building a rapport with them and letting their budding personalities shine through every photo! We strive to provide top quality baby and children photography for you to cherish forever.


Pet Photography

Capture Your Furry Friends to Remember Forever with Pet Photography

Our pets may only be with us for a portion of our lives, but they are forever remembered in our hearts.

Keep their memory alive for a lifetime by allowing us to capture them in our beautiful pet portraiture.


Commercial Photography

Professional and Elegant Commercial Photography

We can provide you with professional level photographs to use for publicity, social media, and executive portraits. You can have a full-service commercial photography session with multiple clothing changes and complete rights to use the images as well as other options.


Photo Restoration Services

Restore Your Old Photos to Their Former Glory!

We offer high quality photo restoration of old photographs! If you inherited old photographs or have damaged ones and were looking to restore the old photo or repair the damaged photo, our photo repair can make them look almost new!


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Beauty Inside and Out with Every Custom Frame!

The perfect portrait requires a perfect frame to give you exactly what you want and to provide the quality finish you deserve.  Dave Zerbe Photography creates custom frames suitable for your portrait…