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Komoot gpx downloaden

You can export a track from komoot by opening a Tour in your komoot profile on our website and clicking the button “download for GPS device”. This will download your Tour as a GPX file, which you can then upload to your device. You need to connect your Garmin to your Computer and add the file to the “Courses” folder which you find on your Garmin. Ich bin gespannt, ob komoot auch die iPhone Variante mit dieser Funktion nachrüstet. You can also import a file from Garmin Connect or from your Wahoo device by choosing “Import from Garmin Connect” or “Import from Wahoo device”. If you already connected your komoot Account to your Garmin or Wahoo, you will be directed to the Connect App. If this is not the case, you can read about how to connect to Garmin and Wahoo in our support center. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Komoot has a good tour creator that automatically follows paths. Viewranger’s track creation is hard work.

But I prefer the mapping and UI on Viewranger. This app just enabled me to transfer a tour by saving it to my gdrive or download folder. Then I could load it into Viewranger as a new track. It wouldn’t share directly into Viewranger but that’s not a problem. Very useful utilty app. Thanks. Du hast unterwegs eine Tour in komoot geplant. Jetzt möchtest du die Strecke als GPX-Datei haben um sie auf deine GPS Navigation zu übertragen oder an eine andere App weitergeben. Mit der neuen GPX-Export Funktion für Android geht das jetzt. Bei einigen Garmin Geräten (Fenix oder Edge 130) ist es sinnvoll die komoot Tour über den Garmin Connect Umweg auf das GPS Gerät zu schieben statt per komoot Connect IQ Plugin zu übertragen. Nur so wirst du dann bei der Navigation Abbiegehinweise bekommen.

Mit der komoot eigenen Funktion kannst du auch als Privat gekennzeichnete Strecken lokal auf dein Android Smartphone runterladen. If you have an external GPS file in GPX format, you can import the file directly to the komoot app or on our website. It is also possible to export a komoot Tour in GPX format in order to use it on an external device. Sehr schön, dass es jetzt die Möglichkeit eines GPX-Exports direkt in komoot gibt. Damit können Nutzer älterer GPS Geräte und Garmin Wearable Nutzer in komoot geplante Strecken unterwegs auf ihre Geräte bringen. In the next step you have the possibility to choose, if komoot should keep the original route in from the file. If you want this, choose “Stick to original route”. Komoot will add off-grid sections where the route differs from known paths.

If you decide to choose “Stick to known ways” instead, it can happen that komoot adapts parts of your route to alternative ways. In this case the route can differ from the original, but will be more reliable if you want to use it for navigation in the future. If your Garmin does not fulfill the technical requirements to connect to komoot via the Garmin Connect app, you have the possibility to transfer your Tours by exporting them as a GPX file and upload it to your Garmin. No matter how secluded the path or how off-road the trail, komoot`s turn-by-turn voice navigation will ensure you`re always going where you`re supposed to be“without ever distracting you from your surroundings. And as the great outdoors never comes with strong signal, everything works offline. Just conveniently download individual routes or entire maps for use offline, and stay on course when coverage falls short“no matter how off-grid you go.