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Family Photography

Capture the Moment

“Family portraits add beauty and embody the joyful togetherness of your home. They help solidify the memories and emotions of the moment into meaningful photos to cherish forever.” -Dave Zerbe

The Process:

The first step to any successful portrait session is the consultation.  An in person consultation allows our team to get to know you and your children and offers time for the collaboration to begin.  We want to honor your vision for your portraits, so being able to take a moment to sit and discuss is important to ensure that you love your experience with us.  To begin the consultation process, fill out the consultation form below and let’s begin the conversation about your family portraits.

Whether your session be in-studio at our Reading, PA studio or on location, your experience will be unique to you and your family.  As a family run and owned business, we understand how quickly time moves and the importance of capturing the small moments before they go.  With your vision for your portraits in mind, we capture the authentic moments between the family that will fill your home with beautiful photographs that express the personality of every family member.  

After your session, we’ll invite you back to the studio to view previews of your photographs.  Here you’ll get to see your portraits before ordering them, so that you can ensure the images you select reflect the vision you’ve had since day one.  We collaborate with you on ensuring that your order fits the style of your home and decor and can preview your portraits in varying sizes and layouts until it’s perfect.

Once your order is placed, we’ll begin the print process. We strive to have your product suite printed efficiencly and to the highest standards.  Our quality control team ensures that your photographs are the best quality to guarantee your satisfaction come in to pick up your collection.  Once your portraits are displayed, all that’s left to do is sit back and enjoy portraits that captured the moment.

The Dave Zerbe Photography Standard:

  • Handcrafted family photographs
  • Friendly and experienced staff
  • Personalities caught in every portrait
  • Treasured moments captured forever
  • Our enhancement technology brings out the best color and light in ever photo!

Available Products:

A printed portrait that lives permanently in your home forever will be cherished for generations to come. Additionally, university research has proven that printed art of your family members provides 65% more emotional connection to your loved ones rather than swiping through electronic images on a device. Research also shows that images visible and on display for your children to see improves their sense of belonging, raises self-esteem, and instills security in their family unit. Our mission is to help you create something not only tangible for your home, but also deeply moving for you and your children to love and adore as the years pass.

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We provide beautiful and priceless family photography in and around Lancaster PA, Exeter PA, Wyomissing PA, Philadelphia PA, Allentown PA, and the Greater Reading Area.

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